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 Texas Hold 'em

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PostSubject: Texas Hold 'em   Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:46 pm

Ok ladies, time to go back to school. Xbox live has a texas hold 'em arcade game for 800 microsoft points (roughly $6) that has all the functionality we would need for an in-house game. We're lookin to have one on a semi-regular basis with a buy-in of $10 (we can change the buy-in up or down based on need, this is just what we thought was a good jumping off point). We'll use paypal to send the money to one individual who will send the total to the winner. If you don't like playing for money, grow a pair, or you can keep your va-j-j and always shoot the shit with us in a normal game.

Based on everyone's level of interest, we could set up a game for as early as this thursday. If you're interested post with good times for playing.

Also, welcome to þrymheimr Victorious. Vic is a stand up guy, good PvP player, and is leaving our former guild to play with us in the future. As far as I know he's not currently playing any MMO's, but has expressed interest in the card game, so you can meet him there. Hopefully I can convince him to come back to AoC or to try something new with us while we wait for SWTOR.

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Texas Hold 'em
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